Jewelry Box – Woven Nest




2014JewelryBox_OpenSide_AnnetteSophieLippert_ANSOLI 2014JewelryBox_Side_AnnetteSophieLippert_ANSOLI 2014JewelryBox_FrontTop_AnnetteSophieLippert_ANSOLI

Materials:  Yellow Birch with Purple Heart Accents.

Size:  13″ diameter x 10 1/4″ height

Finish:  Shellac.

Weight:  17lbs.

Factoids:  2 brass hinges, 3 nesting trays, 4 layers of storage, 8 brass screws, 55 storage compartments, 212 pieces of wood (53 pieces of purple heart, 159 pieces of yellow birch)


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