I am a  furniture maker, trained at the North Bennet Street School as well as by a furniture master in Germany, in the hand-craft of solid wood furniture making.

The craft lies in respecting and manipulating a natural, non-homogeneous material and transforming it into carefully detailed furniture where every component accounts for seasonal movement. While I apply the credo ‘form follows function’ instilled in me during my architecture studies at Cornell University, the aesthetics of each custom-designed piece are an essential component of a successful project. My strong design background from over 20 years in architecture definitely carry over to my furniture making.

I particularly enjoy the experience of personally completing the entire process from design through construction, including selecting and purchasing the rough lumber, milling and fitting the various elements, and applying finish.  It is a very rewarding endeavor and the ultimate way to ensure the quality of each custom-made piece!

Microsoft Word - AnsoliPamphlet2015.doc

Microsoft Word - AnsoliPamphlet2015.doc For more details look at the slideshows of my past projects.

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